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Alfa Romeo Giulia Exhaust Bypass Valve Controller - 2.9L QV - Plug in Dongle

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Take control of the exhaust sound of your Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio!

The Alfa Romeo Giulia QV only allows the Exhaust valves to be opened permenantly using Race mode. However, the enthusiastic switching behavior in Race is not always necessary and some backup of the traction control system is often desirable.

Traction control is present in the other positions of the DNA button, the most in A mode and the least in D mode. However, the valves will only open at higher engine loads and revolutions. This often happens at a time when you actually do not expect it, which causes you a certain amount of shock/unrest.

This Exhaust Bypass Valve Controller allows your Exhaust Outlet Valves to be open under all circumstances and modes!

  • Designed for the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Model
  • Made in Holland
  • Completely Self Contained Controller Box
  • Controller Box cannot force the outlet valves to stay closed

How does it work?

The ESC dongle is plugged into the EOBD plug next to the steering column under the dashboard. The green LED on the ESC dongle comes on and then needs about 4 seconds to start up.

The outlet valves are opened by pressing the button on the gearselector for about 2 seconds. On the clock panel, in the speedometer, the ESC light flashes for 3 seconds to indicate that the system is active. The red LED on the dongle comes on.

Closing the valves is done in the same way; press the button on the gearselector for 2 seconds. On the dashboard, ESC OFF lights up continuously for 3 seconds and the red LED goes out.

When the ESC dongle stays in the EOBD port, it remembers the last set position of the outlet valves.

The dongle is designed to be able to sit semi permanently. About 1 minute after the ignition is switched off, it goes into sleep mode to minimize power consumption to 24 mA. This allows the dongle to remain connected for several weeks without any problems.

Please note: This Exhaust Bypass Valve Controller requires an SGW Bypass Module in order to work on 2018+ Model Giulias (Not Included)

We offer two options for controlling the exhaust system valves in your Alfa Rome Giulia Quadrifoglio. We encourage you to compare both offer carefully and see which one is right for you. If you have any questions about either one please do not hesitate to contact us for assistance.

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