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Alfa Romeo Stelvio MAXFlow Air Intake Upgrade Kit w/ BMC Filter - Red Silicone

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Product ID Number: 10583
Upgrading the power of your Alfa Romeo Stelvio?

If the answer is yes, then put this on your list!

The MAXFlow Air Intake Upgrade Kit replaces the restrictive, thin factory plastic part with a great looking, high flow, direct replacement kit that consists of precision molded high quality silicone intake hose and custom machined fittings that not only looks great under the hood, but provide your Alfa Romeo Stelvio 2.0L with improved performance!

This is not only a high quality kit but also the best value since it comes with a Top of the Line BMC Filter. The BMC Filter that is included in this kit is the very best filter available. It is superior to all other air filters on the market!

  • Comes with a specially designed BMC Lifetime High Performance Filter
  • Precision molded part for a precise fit
  • Silicone hose is engineered to handle well over 40 PSI
  • Multi Layer, Reinforced, High Quality Silicone Construction
  • Precisely machines fittings
  • Smooth bends and increased diameter for better airflow
  • Decreased Air Turbulence and Pressure Loss
  • Simple and Direct Installation
  • Provides superior protections against engine heat
  • Improved intake note
  • Improved Throttle Response, HP and TQ
  • Does not trigger Check Engine Lights!
  • All Hardware and instructions included
  • Lower Air Intake Temps
  • Designed to work with all 2.0L Alfa Romeo Stelvio Models
  • Will not work on the QV Model
  • Road and track tested for thousands of miles prior to release
  • BMC Filter Cleaning Kit Add on - optional at checkout (not included)

Optional Add On Items (select at check out):

Time to clean your BMC Filter?:

Purchase the Genuine BMC Cleaning Kit at the check our screen to be sure you have everything you need for the next service. No need to ever replace the filter module again. Simply clean it using the optional BMC Cleaning Kit (available at a discount cost at the check out screen).

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MADNESS Autoworks is located in Signal Hill, CA (an enclave surrounded by the City of Long Beach) and is a facility dedicated to making your favorite ride truly yours by offering a wide line of aftermarket accessories, installation and customizing services.

MADNESS Autoworks was originally known as SMART MADNESS a company that became famous for customizing and accessorizing smart cars.

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After spending years working on cars and working with many suppliers we thought at times we could do better by designing and manufacturing some products ourselves. We started partnering up with our most trusted manufacturing partners and suppliers, investing in infrastructure, manufacturing equipment and recruiting some of the best talent that could help us design and build superior products and make them available to our fellow drivers.

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