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BMW 335i/ xDrive E92 High Capacity Oil Cooler System by Dinan - Standard Bumper - w/o Factory Oil Cooler

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Significantly reduce the operating temperature of your engine with the High Capacity Oil Cooler System by Dinan!

Dinan set out to develop a more efficient heat exchanger, ultimately in the form of a High Capacity Oil Cooler. Multiple complete systems have been developed, one for vehicles that weren't equipped with a factory oil cooler and the other as an upgrade for the stock unit. Now every 335 driver has the opportunity to lower operating temperatures significantly, providing peace of mind as well as avoiding that notorious "limp" mode when things get simply too hot. The Dinan High Capacity Oil Cooler provides literally twice the volume of the stock unit, as well as 414 sq./in. of cooling tube vs. 112.5, and that's really just the beginning. Nicely integrated inlet ducting provides greater airflow efficiencies and the ventilation of air to the fender well has also been improved with a larger outlet. The system mounts neatly in the stock location and includes lightweight convoluted PTFE hoses with polyester outer braid fitted with race-quality fittings.

The results of the oil cooler upgrade are quite significant, with the temperature gauge holding steady even under high load/high boost scenarios. And for those of you who track their cars, even occasionally, the Dinan oil cooler is a must.

Does not fit M-Technic bumper & cars without a stock oil cooler.

  • 335i & xDrive E92 Coupe 2011-2013

  • Total Volume: Stock: 9.5 oz. / Dinan: 19 oz.
  • Surface Area: Stock: 45 sq./in. / Dinan: 67.5 sq./in.
  • Cooling Tubes: Stock: 10 / Dinan: 23
  • Tube Length: Stock: 90 in. / Dinan: 207 in.
  • Tube Area: Stock: 112.5 sq./in. / Dinan: 414 sq./in.
  • This item is worth 3 point(s) towards your Dinan Badge
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