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Chevrolet Silverado 1500 4" Uniball UCA System w/ Dirt Logic Shocks by Fabtech - 2WD/ 4WD (2014 - 2017)

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Product ID Number: 6868
Add this 4" UCA Lift Kit by Fabtech to your Silverado for an added 4" in height!

Providing an increased height for tall tires, this high quality item also provides additional strength to the front suspension. Constructed using Tubular 4130 Chromoly Upper Control Arms with heavy duty Stainless Steel PTFE 1” Uniballs, you can expect increased suspension travel and a greater alignment ability than stock arms. Rear lift is made possible with a 1 1/2" rear lift block and u-bolts to help level the stance of the vehicles. The system comes complete with front differential drop brackets, a 1/ 4” thick steel skid differential plate, and 1 1/2" rear lift block and u-bolts.

Please call us as there are more fitment and upgrade options available.
  • Ask about the Budget UCA Kits, Basic Cross Members, and Performance Cross Member kits.
  • Shocks can also be upgraded anywhere between Performance, Stealth, and Dirt Logic Resi and Non Resi kits. 
  • Please verify with us what type of Upper Control Arm your vehicle is equipped with and whether you have Magnetic Ride or Standard shocks. 
Tire Fittment w/ stock fenders using this kit:
  • Use 33/12.50R17 tire w/ 17x8 wheels w/ 4 1/2” BS w/ minor trimming
  • Use 275/65R18 tire w/ 18x8 wheels w/ 4 1/2” BS w/ minor trimming
  • Use 295/55R20 tire w/ 20x9 wheels w/ 5” BS w/ minor trimming 
  • This kit uses Dirt Logic Resi Coilovers (Front) and Non Resi (Rear) 2.25 Shocks
  • Provides a 4" lift from stock
  • Fits 2 and 4 WD systems
  • 1" Uniball UCA System
  • Arms eliminate upper ball joint w/ super strong 1” ID Stainless American Uniball
  • Additional caster is built into Arms for greater aligning ability 
  • Allows for increased wheel travel when used with Dirt Logic 2.5 Resi Coilover shocks
  • Chromoly tubing reduces flex found in stock arms for more positive road feel
Shock Absorber Specs:

Front Resi Shocks
  • 2.5" OD Stainless Steel Coilover Body
  • 2.25" OD Billet Aluminum Piston
  • 7/8" NitroSteel® Black Piston Rod
  • Polyurethane Mounting Ends
  • 2.5" OD Aluminum Reservoir w/-6 Stainless Steel O-ring Hose
Rear Non Resi Shocks 
  • 2.25" OD Stainless Steel Body
  • 2.0" OD Billet Aluminum Piston
  • 7/8" NitroSteel® Black Piston Rod
  • Polyurethane Mounting Ends
  • Will not fit models with Factory AutoRide shocks.
  • Will not fit all wheel drive models.
  • Cannot use OEM wheel and tire.
  • Does not fit standard cab.
Located in Chino, California our headquarters spans across five acres. The custom building was constructed to Fabtech's specification for in house development, manufacturing, distribution and administration. The 100,000 square foot facility is divided into designated departments that can operate as a single unit or collectively as a group. This allows Fabtech to function 24 hours a day as needed without compromising security, capacity or quality of the operations.

Fabtech's development capabilities are second to none with over 20 years of experience in aftermarket suspension design. State of the art software, fabrication equipment along with our seasoned engineers and fabricators allow the company to develop products that are constantly on the cutting edge. Fabtech has received numerous awards for our designs that continue to lead the market.

Proper design in suspension development is key in providing a quality, trouble free product to the end consumer. Fabtech leads the industry with extensive research, design technology and rigorous testing that results in the highest performing, finest quality suspension system for the discerning offroad enthusiast.

New vehicle platforms now require a full integration of the vehicles electronics and sensors into the suspension design in order for the vehicle to properly function. Fabtech has invested into proprietary development processes and technologies to aid in properly designing new vehicle suspension systems that lead the industry.

In-field testing and multiple vehicle fit checks ensure products will fit properly during installation and provide years of trouble free service with superior vehicle ride qualities.

To ensure product quality, Fabtech builds all of its componentry in house. The manufacturing division is a world class lean environment dedicated to consistently producing quality parts in low or high volume production runs. Multiple laser cutters, robotic welders, forming equipment, machining centers and skilled welders provide flexibility and quality to its production.

Packaging, warehousing and distribution are contained within the building for immediate shipment world wide. Our Administrative staff provides support to the many divisions that make up the company while our knowledgeable Sales staff assists our valued customers.
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