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GMC Duramax Shift Enhancer by Bully Dog Technologies

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Revise your vehicle with this GMC Duramax Shift Enhancer by Bully Dog Technologies!

Bully Dog diesel shift enhancers are the answer to everyones' shifting and transmission concerns. These will help your transmission accommodate any added horsepower by increasing the line pressure within the transmission thus reducing torque converter/ clutch slippage and improves shifting. Logically speaking, these shift enhancers also lower temperatures since less slippage occurs with these in place. The best part is the easy to install construction using basic hand tools.The final result is firmer, quicker shifts that improves the driving experience and longevity of the transmission by lowering transmission temperatures.

  • Lower Transmission Temperatures
  • Fits Allison Transmissions 1000, 2000, 2400
  • Firmer Shifts And Longevity Of Transmission
  • Reduced Torque Converter Clutch Slippage
  • Extra Rear Wheel Horsepower
  • Economical
  • Cost Savings In Transmission Repairs
  • Gives a quicker shift
  • 50 horsepower worth of additional holding power
  • Gives the clutch more traction
  • Improves transmission shifts for performance shifts
  • Ensures firmer, quicker shifts which vastly improves the driving experience
Since its founding in 1998, Bully Dog has been known for innovation and creativity among truck owners and enthusiasts. From new vehicle support, to switch-on-the-fly power levels and economy tuning, Bully Dog offers unrivaled solutions to truck drivers the world over.

In 2006, Bully Dog launched their first aftermarket product for heavy duty semi-trucks/articulated trucks. More than just raw horsepower, Bully Dog’s goal from the beginning in the heavy duty market was to make engines run more efficiently and in turn improve the engines’ fuel economy. Bully Dog’s passion for excellence is making Bully Dog Big Rig a market leader in the heavy duty market.
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