Window Tinting

Are you looking to tint the windows, or sunroof, of your car or replace your old, lower quality window tint?

No Tint
MN45 Tint
MN35 Tint
MN30 Tint
MN20 Tint
MN15 Tint
MN05 Tint

MADNESS Autoworks offers professional window tinting services on premises. We utilize high quality window tint film, professional installation and offer a full warranty on our window tinting service. We will be glad to assist you with your window tinting needs. If you are bringing your car in for service, we can coordinate your service and window tinting at the same time to minimize your wait time.

If we have it, we can install it for you while you wait. Give us a call at 562-981-6800 or 888-993-7552 (US Only) for more information or to schedule your appointment.