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Mercedes Benz GLS 350-D AMG Klasse Performance ECU by Lorinser

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Product ID Number: 7151
Instantly improve the performance of your Mercedes with the Performance ECU from Lorinser!

Experience the latest in state of the art performance tuning with the Lorinser Performance ECU for your Mercedes Benz. Lorinser taps into the power reserves of the engine and optimizes them to ensure optimal engine performance. The Lorinser Performance ECU offers significant power and torque gains in a safe and reliable method. Lorinser has used their tuning experience to develop these Modules, extensively researching and testing the units until they meet Lorinser's strict standards for performance and reliability.

The Module's safely modifies the engine's parameters including timing, air-fuel ratios, throttle mapping, and boost mapping unleashing the full power of your Mercedes Benz. Along with boosting your car's power and torque the Lorinser Performance ECU also increases the top speed potential of your Mercedes.

The Lorinser Performance ECU installs quickly and easily, and will instantly transform your car. The Module includes an OEM quality wiring harness with weather proof connectors ensuring the best connection. The connectors are all labeled for easy installation and the system includes a bypass plug that will allow you to leave the ECU and wiring in place if you need to disable the system for any reason.

  • Genuine Lorinser Product
  • Imported from Germany
  • Includes wiring harness to connect to the engine sensors
  • Weather Proof connectors
  • Bypass plug included
  • We are an Authorized Lorinser Installer and Distributor

We are authorized by Lorinser to build turn key Lorinser Edition Mercedes-Benz's on premises. Please contact us directly for more information.
Reigning at the top for over 30 years. 

If you‘re interested in dynamic, sporty vehicles, then there is one name that stands above the rest: Lorinser. 

An extraordinary story began more than 30 years ago in Winnenden, Germany in Swabia, located just outside Stuttgart, a story that continues to captivate car aficionados to this day. Sportservice Lorinser opened the doors to a new concept in terms of cars, making a successful business out of styling and tweaking. 

One of the most important guidelines for Sportservice Lorinser is: "Taking the refined, and making it perfect." Only those vehicles that meet the most exacting of customer requirements in terms of dynamics and sporty handling can leave our factory. Only these cars have earned the right to bear the Lorinser name.
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