Alfa Romeo Giulia Exhaust Bypass Valve Controller - 2.9L QV - Forza Componenti

Alfa Romeo Giulia Exhaust Bypass Valve Controller - 2.9L QV - Forza Componenti
Alfa Romeo Giulia Exhaust Bypass Valve Controller - 2.9L QV - Forza Componenti
Alfa Romeo Giulia Exhaust Bypass Valve Controller - 2.9L QV - Forza Componenti
Alfa Romeo Giulia Exhaust Bypass Valve Controller - 2.9L QV - Forza Componenti
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Take control of the exhaust sound of your Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio!

There are several options/ options available when it comes to taking control of the sound of your Quadrifoglio. We offer two options, but prefer this module over all other options available. When asked which we would recommend and install on premises the most the answer is always the "The controller by Forza Componenti".

The kit is completely plug-and-play.  Power for the controller comes from the existing connector to the car's exhaust bypass vacuum solenoids, and no wiring modification are required because the kit includes connector cables for the vacuum solenoids.  Since no modification are required to install, if you ever want to remove the controller the installation is 100% reversible.

This Bypass Valve Control Kit is a complete solution that allows you, the user full manual control of the exhaust bypass valve in your Quadrifoglio Model Alfa Romeo. We are an Authorized Installer for the manufacturer of this module in both our CA and TX Locations and we also provide full installation support over the phone if needed.

Start-up option user configurable for Always Open or Normal Mode (ECU Control).

Simplified installation is straight forward.  The small size makes it easy to find a suitable location to install the controller.  Unplug the existing connectors to the vacuum solenoid valves, connect the included Y-cables and route the cables to the controller.  Once installation is complete, you use one button on your remote transmitter to open the exhaust bypass valves and the other button to close the valves and return control to the car  ...  and, you also have the ability to configure a manual on/off switch that you can mount inside your vehicle.

Want more exhaust sound?

By installing this kit you can now have the ability to have the exhaust open the entire time. Enjoy the full sound experience of the Quadrifoglio each time you go on a drive!

Want less?

You can close the exhaust valve by either a switch or remote control (available with kit) and enjoy the quietness of the cabin while on a long drive.


You can now manually control the exhaust bypass valves and have that Twin Turbo V6 Alfa Engine/ Exhaust Sound at all speeds and engine RPMs.

You can also return the operation of the exhaust valves back to the car's ECU — which generally results in lower engine/ exhaust noise.

Two Operational Modes

Use either the remote or a manual switch
This Exhaust Bypass Valve Control Kit provides you with two different operational modes
Both modes can be selected using the included remote transmitter or a manual On/Off switch (Optional)

Normal Mode:
Vehicle controls the operation of the Exhaust Bypass Valves. Stock operation.
Open Mode:
Exhaust Bypass Valves are in open position. Full experience of hearing your engine/ exhaust.

  • Designed for the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Model
  • Completely Self Contained Controller Box
  • User configuration to use either the remote control key fob or use a optional manual on/off switch
  • Approved by FCC, CE and all international governing bodies
  • All internal components integrated on Printed Circuit Board for higher reliability
  • No Check Engine Lights (CEL)
  • No Diagnostic Test Codes (DTC)
  • Cables assembled using water and oil resistant flexible cord
  • All electrical cables use weatherproof connectors
  • High-gain external antenna for improved remote control performance
  • Kit includes full installation instructions
  • Kit includes two remote control transmitters
  • Mounting accessories including cable ties and high temperature tolerant adhesive mounts included

Designed for Severe Environments

Each kit is assembled using components designed to withstand the rigors of installation in the engine bay of a modern sports car. The enclosure is extruded aluminum. The internal circuit board will withstand the elevated temperatures that tend to exist in the engine bay of a vehicle. The connection cables are constructed using high serviceability TPE insulated cabling rated to 105° C. Connectors are weatherproof automotive connectors to resist moisture.

Plug and Play Installation

This kit is completely Plug and Play. Power for the controller comes from the existing connector to the car's exhaust bypass vacuum solenoids. No permanent wiring modification are required. The kit includes connector cables for the vacuum solenoids. Since no permanent modification are required to install this kit, it is 100% reversible if the need arises.

Simplified Installation
  • Please allow approximately 1-2 hours for installation
  • Select a location to install a controller
  • Unplug the vacuum solenoids
  • Connect Installation is straight forward
  • Connect and route new cables to the controller

The controller kit is warranted by the manufacturer for a period of 12 months.

About Manufacturer

Forza Componenti is a manufacturer of niche products for high end motorcars. They are located in Scottsdale, Arizona and manufacture on premises. Their company objective is to offer quality niche products at fair prices.

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