Alfa Romeo Stelvio Engine Control Module - 2.0L - Power+ by SILA Concepts

The Power+ ECM is a well designed, thoroughly tested plug and play adjustable tuning module that is designed to give your vehicle a significant and safe boost in power.
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HP and TQ Performance Gains you can feel!

Easy to install adjustable plug and play module that delivers significant power gains.

Well tested preset software designed to deliver safe performance gains while not over stressing the factory components.

On the preset factory settings that your module will be set with you can expect gains from 15-20% throughout the power band.

Software Tuned and Tested in USA

The Power+ ECM has been well tested on vehicles in Europe, USA, Canada and South America for a period of over 1 year prior to full release.

Hardware Manufactured in Germany

The hardware used in the Power+ Module from SILA Concepts carries approval and qualifications from Emitel, TÜV SÜD along with DEKRA Certification.

Proven Performance Gains

The Power+ ECM is designed to safely raise the performance of your vehicle without over stressing the factory components. The module comes preset with software that delivers a significant boost in power that you will certainly feel whether you are on the track or at a dyno doing your own comparison.

100,000+ Test Miles Completed

Well over 100,000 miles have been put on vehicles outfitted with prototype Power+ ECMs prior to full release to the public.

Power+ Features

Power+ Engine Control Module

Proven Performance Gains

The Power+ ECM is designed to safely raise the performance of your vehicle without over stressing the factory components.

Modern Microprocessor Technology

The Power+ ECM features a microprocessor controlled computer board that optimizes power demands in real time according to engine load and speed.

Fully Digital Technology

Unlike older generation hardware which still rely on analog technology, the Power+ ECM runs on fully digital hardware. The speed of digital computation (reading data from sensors and processing the information) is much faster than even modest analog circuits.

Dual-Channel Adaptive Tuning

The Power+ ECM optimizes power demands in real time according to engine load and speed. The module reads data from the sensors simultaneously and more efficiently than other competing units.

Cold Start Timer

A warm-up timer puts the upgraded performance on tap only after the engine has reached ideal operating temperature. It is better for the engine to allow ample time for it to warm up properly before being asked to deliver maximum performance.

Easy Installation

The Power+ offers user friendly installation!

The Power+ ECM by SILA Concepts is designed to offer an easy, user-friendly plug and play installation and removal. The module requires no special tools and offers a completely reversible design, with no permanent modifications to any factory components.

  • Plug-and-play installation
  • No special tools required
  • Factory style harness and connectors
  • Preconfigured and ready for use immediately after installation

DIY Install Instructions

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Safe and Reliable

The Power+ ECM uses a high quality, factory style harness and connectors with a casing specifically developed for the automotive application range!

TUV Approved

A TUV certification means the Power+ ECM has been stress tested for safety and found to meet the strict requirements of the German Equipment and Product Safety Act.

DERKA Certified

DERKA Certification demonstrates that the Power+ by SILA Concepts has been thoroughly tested and has met various regulations relating to aspects such as, safety, performance and quality.

EMITEL Certified

The Power+ ECM has quality control certification and approval from Emitel.

Made in Germany

The Power+ ECM Hardware is manufactured in Germany to strict EU Standards.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Every Power+ ECM by SILA Concepts features a 2 year product warranty against defects and a 30 day money back guarantee!

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Give the Power+ a Risk Free Try!

Install and use the Power+ on your vehicle for up to 30 days. If you are not 100% satisfied with the product you can return it for a full refund.


This means if the product develops a fault it will be repaired, or if un-repairable, it will be replaced free of charge, and the customer is responsible only for return postage and insurance in the event of loss. The unit will need to be shipped directly to us for service. Simply unplug the ECM, install a bypass plug and ship it to us. We will promptly take care of the issue and ship the unit back. Unlike other ECMs without the bypass plug or a direct flash there is no downtime for your vehicle if a problem ever occurs.

  • Vehicle-specific tuning
  • 2 years product warranty
  • OEM quality materials
  • Excellent reliability and superior product longevity

About Manufacturer

Established in 2009 SILA Concepts is committed to providing world-class products which surpass the expectations of our customers.

The company goal at SILA Concepts is to provide our fellow enthusiasts with great quality products that have been designed to exceed expectations and also offer a great value.

Rest assured when you choose SILA Concepts products they have been designed and thoroughly tested to function properly on the vehicle they were designed for.

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