Alfa Romeo 4C Downpipe - Supersprint - w/ High Flow Cat

Alfa Romeo 4C Downpipe - Supersprint - w/ High Flow Cat

Alfa Romeo 4C Downpipe - Supersprint - w/ High Flow Cat
Alfa Romeo 4C Downpipe - Supersprint - w/ High Flow Cat
Alfa Romeo 4C Downpipe - Supersprint - w/ High Flow Cat
Alfa Romeo 4C Downpipe - Supersprint - w/ High Flow Cat
Alfa Romeo 4C Downpipe - Supersprint - w/ High Flow Cat
Alfa Romeo 4C Downpipe - Supersprint - w/ High Flow Cat
Alfa Romeo 4C Downpipe - Supersprint - w/ High Flow Cat
Alfa Romeo 4C Downpipe - Supersprint - w/ High Flow Cat
Alfa Romeo 4C Downpipe - Supersprint - w/ High Flow Cat
Alfa Romeo 4C Downpipe - Supersprint - w/ High Flow Cat
Alfa Romeo 4C Downpipe - Supersprint - w/ High Flow Cat
Alfa Romeo 4C Downpipe - Supersprint - w/ High Flow Cat
Alfa Romeo 4C Downpipe - Supersprint - w/ High Flow Cat
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Supersprint designs the manufactures high quality exhaust systems and related items for the Alfa Romeo 4C Spider.

This listing is for a Supersprint Downpipe featuring a High Flow Catalytic Converter.

This downpipe kit guarantees a large increase in flow, and a substantial drop in exhaust gas backpressure, thanks to the HJS Motorsport, high volume catalytic, and to the smooth-bend, diffuser-cone Supersprint's own design.

These unique, proprietary features provide for a real gain in torque and peak hp, a trademark of the Supersprint exhaust systems and downpipes.

The Supersprint Alfa 4C Spider modular exhaust design allows for the widest range of individual, performance & sound setups. This listing is just for the downpipe that features the High Flow Cat. Be sure to check out the other exhaust options from Supersprint.


  • Designed for the Alfa Romeo 4C
  • Made in Italy
  • HJS High-Volume Metallic Cat., 130mm, 100 CPSI
  • Maximum Flow
  • 65mm Diameter
  • Great efficiency in decreasing emissions
  • Lower engine operating temperature
  • Requires Supersprint Connecting Pipe
  • Works with OEM or Supersprint Rear Sections
  • Flashing the factory ECU is recommended as a check engine light "may" occur at times

Supersprint recommends that you add: Alfa Romeo 4C Performance Exhaust - Supersprint - Connecting Pipe for seamless and easy installation. If you have any questions please contact us prior to ordering.

This part is being sold under the category of "Track Use Only".

On a daily basis we ship parts and accessories to fellow enthusiasts all over the world. Emission Regulations vary in many Countries/ Principalities/ Regions/ States/ Counties.

This item features a high flow cat which is compliant to the noise regulation 70/157/EEC. In some areas installing this item on a vehicle that is being driven on public roads and highways may not be legal. Please check the emission laws in your Country/ Principality/ Region/ State/ County prior to installing it on your vehicle. This is why we sell this item under the "Track Use Only" label.

By purchasing this item you are stating that you will be using it on a track use only vehicle that is not legal for street/ highway use or your area allows the installation and use of a part that modifies the emissions of a vehicle.

This part will not ship to California USA.
All sales final on this item.

CA Residents: WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

About Manufacturer

Supersprint: Elevating Automotive Performance Since 1955

At Supersprint, their journey began in 1955 with a steadfast commitment to excellence in crafting high-performance exhaust components. Over the decades, they have remained unwavering in their pursuit of perfection, setting new standards in the world of automotive enhancement. Their core values revolve around the relentless pursuit of quality, precision, and innovation, all culminating in an unrivaled product lineup. We, MADNESS Autoworks, are proud to be an Authorized Partner for Supersprint in North America, offering you access to their exceptional range of products.

**Craftsmanship Beyond Compare**

Supersprint's dedication to excellence starts with their materials, where they exclusively utilize the highest-grade stainless steel, predominantly AISI 304. In demanding situations requiring exceptional resilience, such as turbo manifolds, they turn to AISI 310S and Inconel. Every detail, from attachment hardware to weld quality and component joints, undergoes meticulous scrutiny to ensure uncompromising quality and durability.

**Custom-Engineered Excellence**

Supersprint takes pride in treating each new vehicle exhaust application as a bespoke endeavor. They shun the one-size-fits-all approach, opting for tailored solutions that optimize performance and refine sound characteristics. By designing each component with precision and finesse, they ensure consistent performance gains across the entire rev range, while maintaining a harmonious and sporty tone.

**The Pinnacle of Design and Innovation**

Their process begins with thorough research and development, driven by their passion for automotive excellence. The journey takes them to their state-of-the-art R&D facility in Mantova, where they scrutinize every facet of a vehicle's performance. Using their MAHA AWD dynamometer, one of the most accurate in the industry, they collect baseline measurements, including horsepower and torque, to set the stage for enhancement.

**In-House Mastery**

Supersprint components are born in their facility, guided by cutting-edge CAD software and crafted by the skilled hands of their technicians. Piping thickness is meticulously maintained at 1.5mm, and all piping undergoes mandrel bending to optimize performance. Connections between sections are expertly TIG or MIG welded for unparalleled strength and sealing.

**Sound and Performance in Perfect Harmony**

While performance is paramount, they are equally dedicated to preserving the sporty character of your vehicle's exhaust note. Their mufflers, produced in-house, shed weight through reduced thickness piping and sheeting. The "direct flow" design minimizes back pressure across the exhaust system, ensuring optimal engine performance.

**Aesthetic Excellence**

They understand the importance of aesthetics in automotive enhancement. Supersprint exhaust systems not only perform flawlessly but also enhance the visual appeal of your vehicle. Their exhaust tips, available in over 30 designs, all proudly bear the Supersprint logo inscribed with a micro-percussion system.

**Setting Global Standards**

Their commitment to quality extends beyond borders. Supersprint components meet or exceed the stringent European TUV requirements. Certain combinations of rear mufflers and center resonators are CEE homologated, ensuring compliance with European sound level standards.

**A World of Performance**

With a presence in over 80% of global markets, Supersprint's reputation spans the globe. Renowned tuning firms, especially in Germany, trust their expertise to create private-label exhaust systems for a wide range of vehicles, from premium luxury models to high-performance exotics.

**Your Choice for Excellence**

Choosing a Supersprint exhaust system is choosing the pinnacle of automotive performance and craftsmanship. Whether you drive a sporty city sedan or a dream supercar, Supersprint delivers the perfect fusion of power and sophistication. Elevate your driving experience with Supersprint, where every journey is a symphony of performance and class.

Join the elite and unleash the full potential of your vehicle with Supersprint, available through us, MADNESS Autoworks, as an Authorized Partner for Supersprint in North America.

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